Thierry Weinberg

Thierry Weinberg is a French financial services expert. He is the associate founder of DoubleV insurance an insurance firm specializing in insurance brokerage. He has also been an associate in Maremma for nine years. Maremma is a real estate company in France. Double V insurance is recognized as a consulting firm that specializes in cost reduction and the recovery of public subsidies for particular businesses. Cost reduction, also referred to as cost killing, is a novel field but also highly sought after as companies seek to reduce costs for profit optimization. Double V council controls all the tasks within the different public departments; (such as, tax administration, BPI and local authorities, as well as other supplies for instance, orange business team, canon, RLD, Nobert and Onet) for the delivery of primary business solutions. The company also offers;

The optimization of social and fiscal changes and the optimization of indirect purchases that constitute the transportation expenses, energy, office automation, facility management and insurance. The firm is positioned as a one stop shop for clients in the shortest time to benefit from a vast range of possible cost reductions the key objective being, profitability.

In 2014, Thierry Weinberg was found guilty in charges of fraud against his company together with the CEO and co-founder of the sushi shop by the criminal chamber of the tribunal of Paris in fraud complicity. As a result of the conviction, Thierry was sentenced to 18 months suspension sentence and a fine of 8000 euros. In addition, he was prohibited to manage or administer a commercial or craft company for three years.

Since 2013, Thierry Weinberg has been seeing French writer and screenwriter, Amanda Sthers. Amanda is an acclaimed author with several published novels with her best seller being Chicken Street which was published in 2005 and translated into more than fifteen languages all over the world and voted book of the year in Italy.