The Architectural Beauty Of London

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Apart from person visit, many travelers visit London for business trips. The articles published by represent that many investors across different countries are investing in London business organizations.

There are several architectural beautiful buildings available in London and the city is popular for a wide range of building very close to one another. In this article, you will find some of the architectural history of London.

Big Ben is the certified symbol of London City. It is known symbol to people living across the world. AW Pugin makes the design of the building and the iconic symbol remains after the World War II bombings. Don’t forget to check the view of this structure from the riverside at evening.

The recent addition to London architectural beauty is an odd shape. The 443 ft. tall building looks like a giant Ferris wheel. The London Eye provides the best view of the London city from a bird’s eye view. No one can leave London without visiting Buckingham Palace. It is one among the most famous building in London. It contains more than 600 rooms and it is not a normal house. You can see stateroom in the summer months and also a glimpse of the Queen’s personal art collections.

Christopher Wren built a unique landmark in London. St Paul’s Cathedral is the home to over 200 tombs, including Admiral Nelson, Duke of Wellington and Wren. St Paul’s became more famous cathedral church after hosting the expensive wedding ceremony of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. St Paul’s has recently celebrated its 300th birthday.

The Crown jewels look like a jewel structure in the Town Hill of the city. It is one of the royal collections, used by the Queen still. It has some of the most unusual diamonds across the globe.

Jewel Tower remains one of the popular buildings in London. It remains as the middle age Palace of Westminster, after the devastating fire that destroys several places in 1834. It is used for several things starting from a hoard for royal fortune to documentations office for the House of Lords and after a testing facility for Weight and Measures Department and still, it is in London.

You don’t miss the Annual autumn event that is conducted at very September month in London Open House. It is not only popular for its architectural designs, but it is also for the people who like to visit the places they have never visited in London. This event opens around 600 unique places in London that are generally not opened for common public. For example, The Roof gardens close to the Babylon Restaurant are open during this event for the public to see the 1.5 acres of rooftop gardens.

If you have plenty of time, visit London Tube, an underground public rail system of London. If you are a serious architecture, then London is the best place to visit for its architectural treasures.

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Styling With Your Overalls Made Easy

You would have seen overalls many times in malls but would have walked without peeking through those aisles as it is not meant for you. Don’t worry you will not look a fruit seller in a marketplace. There are a wide variety of overalls available in local stores and online. Now it’s the right time to buy them. Shops like StyleWe discount are more attractive that you would never feel like saying “No” to their offers. There are research companies who emphasize on apparels, and the study is available in for you to glance through.

We will guide you on how to better look in an overall. Coordinating the overalls the right way make the whole look complete though you can tweak based on your wish. When you become confident wearing them, then you would more frequent in wearing them.

Overalls can be combined with cross body bags and stylish shoes. Whatever you think to be small will make a major difference. A pair of chunky shoes would make the whole look much different. Moreover during cold weather you can wear ankle length boots and leather jackets to fit the style and at the same time feel cozy. This helps to take your eyes off your dress to your toes and nice finish. You can even try sandals, high heels based on your style.

There are various ways of wearing a scarf and wearing scarf coordinating to the overall will give a slim, chic look. Wear watches which have a big dial to gain its focus. If you are wearing an overall during summer, then wear a floppy hat.

If your upper body is smaller than your lower body or you want to look more glamorous then accessorize with heavy jewelry to even it out.

Wrap Around your Waist
If you feel that your waistline is not defined in an overall, then you can tie a scarf or a jacket around your waist which would add some colors to your overall as well as show your curvy waist.

You can wear a turtleneck t-shirt underneath your overall if you are not wearing a full covered overall and your legs are shown off. Button down shirts doesn’t mean it should go well only with a formal pant or a skirt but would equally look good with an overall.

Casual Wear
Dressing up both like elegantly and casually at the same time is possible. You can make the overall casual by wearing cross body bags with a pair of sneakers. Stick with matte colors if you are not a lover of neon colors with accessories as less as possible.

To have a more casual look instead of solid or denim colored overall try something new like a floral or patterned design. You can mix and match as you wish with the colors available in the overall or with contrasting colors.

You can button up one side of the overall letting the other side hangs down as if it doesn’t bother you. You can even get a trendy look by layering the overalls with animal patterned tops.