1. The advent of high speed internet has forced many to turn towards the web for entertainment. This comes in the form of digital videos, movies, TV shows and more. But many are not aware of where to find the best source for watching movies. There are some valuable sources from where you can find high quality TV shows, documentaries, movies and more.

You can Download MovieBox APK for you Android device and enjoy amazing movies. Lifewire is an informative source offering expert advice on the latest tech developments. You can find more movie streaming resources here. Get high speed internet connection and get ready to experience a theatre like movie watching experience.

Surf the channel
Find hundreds of shows under varied categories here. Surf the channel is a video search engine that helps you find movies, videos, short films, TV shows and animation.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB) has a collection of full length movies and shows to its informative site. The site is not just meant movie database collection but also provides valuable information on current projects, movie trailers, images and news on latest movie projects.

Joost is a highly organized site supported by high quality content. There are many ways to interact across the site. You can go ahead and select from staff picks, joost channels and popular videos. What more you can find out what people are watching as well.

The listing on this list is slightly different from what you find in others. It is an independently designed multimedia content that is exclusive to the site. It is the place to find niche videos.

Google video
Well known for its advanced search option Google video has a wide collection of free full length movies. Though it is not streamlined as other site, yet there are some amazing free movies available here.

If you are looking for free TV shows, movies and cartoons, this is the place to be. You can find recaps of news, celebrity shows, TV listing and trailers of upcoming shows.

You can find eclectic video collection and this could include anything from cartoons, homemade stuff, games, TV sports, music and many more.

This is a community preserved site where millions of visitors share, watch and upload videos. You can find movie trailers, extreme sports, gaming videos and technology videos on this site.

Public Domain Torrents
It is a remarkable collection of classics and B movies. It is a public domain and the downloads are available for free.

This is exclusively for channel flippers. You can ask StumbleVideo to choose the videos or you can personalize your choice so that it delivers the videos of your interest,

If you are looking for original web series or particular episodes then this is the place to be. The content on the site is created by both amateurs and experts. Here the content is filtered so you get to see only the best.

There are more such sources available online, only a few of the best have been listed for your benefit.

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