When it comes to SEO agencies, chances are that you might be swayed by their attractive marketing gimmicks. While this might happen easily, you need to know when you need to revert to your old Hamilton SEO when your new agency does not seem to deliver as you had hoped. The largest problem is that is while an SEO company might be able to get around marketing well, it does not necessarily mean that they can be able to deliver. Understanding the signs that you ought to look out for is very important as you can be able to get out before your online business sinks and falls into the abyss.

Decline in ranking.

One of the most significant and obvious ways to know that you need to seek the services of your former Hamilton SEO is when your ranking starts to slip. While it is normal for you to experience a slip in your transition phase, it is not usually normal for you to continue slipping once your SEO strategy has been implemented. Instead, this is a sign that the strategies that are being employed are not working and hence you need to seek shelter in your old SEO agency before it is too late.


SEO is not a one size fits all kind of arrangement. To be able to get the best results, the company needs to be in constant communication with you to understand your business as well as your needs. Once the strategy has been laid out, the company needs to be in constant communication updating you on the results and how they are being generated. Lack of such communication is a sign that things are not honky dory and this might be the queue for you to seek the services of your former Hamilton SEO agency and more so if you were able to experience great communication with them.

A surge in spammy links.

This is a great red flag that shows that someone is simply not doing their job. And you might be justified and wise if you decide not to overlook this. A good SEO company makes it their business to ensure that your profile only has credible links. If the profile becomes tarnished with spammy links, then the company is not abiding to the rules of the search engine and hence you can end up being banned. You do not need to continue running the risk as the repercussions can be severe.

An unclear strategy.

A good Hamilton SEO guys will ensure that you are able to get the best possible strategy that is detailed and elicits confidence even in you as you invest in it. However, if the company gives you a half cooked strategy that you do not believe is capable of delivering results, then wait no longer.

You should always use your former SEO agency as your reference especially if you did not part ways in bad terms. This can help you evade plenty of trouble and ensure that you are on your toes at all times. Furthermore, you need to make sure that with a new SEO agency, the service you get is better than what you were previously getting. This is the easiest way to know that you are heading in the right direction.

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